Test Ride

It's hard to articulate the unique titanium bike road 'feel' in words alone. Therefore we actively encourage customers to test ride one of bikes if they can, to experience the smooth, responsive ride first hand. We have a fleet of demo bikes primed and ready to ride on one of our GPS guided test routes that will take you through the tranquil back roads of Sussex while keeping the beautiful South Downs in your peripheral vision.

We currently have the following bikes available to test ride.

Escape - Adventure | 52cm/56cm
Edge - Gravel | 56cm/58cm
Etape - All-Road | 54cm/56cm
Evoke - Road | 54cm/58cm

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Bike Fitting

We believe a bike-fit is an essential part of a premium bike purchase and is more valuable than even the most expensive equipment. The benefits of a bike-fit are immeasurable and will lead to improved comfort, increased efficiency, enhanced performance and pain-free alignment. What's more a professional bike-fit can reduce the chances of injury due to poor positioning on the bike. There are several different techniques available today, some of which will provide myriad amounts of data. However in order to process and interpret this data, the fitting should be overseen by an experienced bike-fitting technician.

As with so many things, in Bikefitting there is no substitute for experience and our fitting team is headed by Daryl Arrowsmith who has a wealth of fitting experience, so you can be sure you are in safe hands. Unlike most retailers and bike-fitting studios we also build frames and this gives us a unique advantage and a fully-informed perspective when it comes to custom frame design. We know what works from the rider's perspective regarding the fitting, and what doesn't work in relation to frame design.

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