Core range - Frames are normally held in stock with the frame finish completed to order. Unpainted titanium frames can normally be supplied within a week and complete bikes within two weeks. A painted finish will add a further 4 weeks to the delivery time.

Signature range - We aim to supply a frame or complete bike within 120 days of date of order. A painted frame will add a further 4 weeks to delivery. Sometimes complex paint schemes or specific component choices can mean slightly longer waiting times.

Yes you can, just contact us directly via phone or email. We also have a network of dealers in the UK and the rest of the world who can provide you with first class bike-fitting, advice and back up service.

Enigma offers a unique range of products. At the time of writing we are the only UK brand to manufacture titanium road frames in numbers here in the UK and we are committed to UK frame building.

The 'Signature' range including Excel, Esker and Echelon titanium models plus all our steel frames are handmade here in Sussex, UK

The 'Core' range is a selection of our best selling titanium frames and bikes that are designed and finished in the UK but made with care in our factory overseas. Both 'Signature' and 'Core' ranges are crafted and finished to the highest standards.

We make bikes for everyone! Some mainstream bike brands like to use 'women's specific' bikes as a marketing tool and try to convince female riders that they need geometry specific to women. The theory is that as on average women have longer legs than men for their overall height, and a corresponding shorter torso, so they require a shorter/higher bike than male riders. Whilst there is some logic in this, there is a huge variety of different rider shapes and some men also have long legs, while some riders just prefer shorter/higher geometry regardless of their gender. For this reason we believe it is better to offer our frames in a large range of sizes suitable for most riders, while we also offer custom geometry frames for those riders that don't quite fit our stock sizes. We are also able to offer a huge variety of frame finishes, so whatever your gender if you would like a pink bike that's fine, but if you would prefer matt black or polished titanium that’s also fine! As each bike is built to order, it's also possible for us to specify any components, such as a women's specific saddle, handlebars or any other parts to be sure that male or female, your new Enigma fits you perfectly.

Yes we do, but not on sale bikes. There are many different schemes, Cyclescheme being the main provider. If your employer uses a different scheme please get in touch, we may be able to work with them.

Yes we can offer 0% finance over 12 months on full price bikes. We can also offer up to 36 months finance at 9.9% APR. Please contact us for more information.