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The benefits of a bike fit are immeasurable and lead to supreme comfort, increased efficiency and pain-free alignment. When it comes to bike-fitting, experience is key. There are several different techniques available today, many of which provide a myriad of data. However, in order to correctly process and interpret the data, the fitting should be overseen by an experienced bike-fitting technician.

The Enigma Team

There is no substitute for experience, and the Enigma fitting team, led by Richard Lambert, have many years of combined experience in bike-fitting.

Unlike most retailers and fitting studios, we also build frames. This gives us a unique advantage and a fully-informed perspective when it comes to custom frame design. We know what works from the rider’s perspective regarding the fitting, and what doesn’t from a frame design perspective.

We have been amazed at some of the bizarre frame designs we have occasionally been asked to build for customers who have had expensive fittings done elsewhere. Some of these designs have been both ill-advised and were unworkable in practice.

What we offer

At Enigma, we offer two fits. The first - a frame fit - determines the correct size of bike by measuring the rider’s dimensions. Height, inseam, torso, arms, feet and shoulders are all assessed and measured using our Bikefitting.com sizing rig.

A consultation with the rider will follow to reveal other important considerations such as riding style, goals and long term injuries. Armed with this information we arrive at the optimum frame size whether ‘off-the-peg’ or custom. The second fit consists of the actual bike fit. This is based on the bike and the rider with the aim of achieving the perfect position for maximum efficiency, comfort and injury prevention.

A bike fitting is part of the Enigma experience and customers are welcome to visit our Hailsham HQ for fitting advice.

£75.00 Frame Fit
£150 Bike Fit.
This service is free-of-charge with a bike/frame purchase.

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