We believe a bike-fit is an essential part of a premium bike purchase and is more valuable than even the most expensive equipment. The benefits of a bike-fit are immeasurable and will lead to improved comfort, increased efficiency, enhanced performance and pain-free alignment. What’s more a professional bike-fit can reduce the chances of injury due to poor positioning on the bike. There are several different techniques available today, some of which will provide myriad amounts of data. However in order to process and interpret this data, the fitting should be overseen by an experienced bike-fitting technician.

As with so many things, in Bike-fitting there is no substitute for experience and our fitting team is headed by Daryl Arrowsmith who has a wealth of fitting experience, so you can be sure you are in safe hands. Unlike most retailers and bike-fitting studios we also build frames and this gives us a unique advantage and a fully-informed perspective when it comes to custom frame design. We know what works from the rider's perspective regarding the fitting, and what doesn't work in relation to frame design.

Visit us in person

If you’re able to visit us in person, there are a couple of methods we will use to determine the correct frame size for you.

For customers of reasonably ‘average’ proportions and who are looking for a Core range frame; we may put you straight on a suitably sized demo bike where we can check your basic position on the bike before sending you out for a test ride. Your position would be fine-tuned from there.

If you’re considering a ‘Signature’ build, or should we need take a closer look at the geometry of a Core frame for you, then we have our professional fitting studio at your disposal. Using our fitting jig we can replicate the size of any bike.

We will start by taking some of your measurements and will set the jig to mimic the frame size that we think will work best for you. We will then make adjustments to refine your position as necessary, whilst keeping a close eye on the screen in front of you to see how the geometry of the bike is affected.

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Key Points

To achieve the optimum solution in terms of your physical position on the bike and the bike design itself we will consider and discuss the following along the way:

  • 1) Comfort - the most important aspect of any bike-fit. If you are not comfortable on the bike your performance will be hampered.
  • 2) Performance - two things to consider here. First off, the performance of the rider; taking into account pedalling efficiency and aerodynamics. Secondly the performance of the bike, an important consideration often overlooked by other bike fitters. We will look at the handling and stability aspects to optimise the ride feel to match your needs.
  • 3) Aesthetics - creating a beautiful machine is part of the appeal of a custom bicycle and sometimes the rider may wish to make a compromise on either their comfort or the aesthetic of the bike to achieve the right balance. For example; a taller head-tube may be more comfortable and provide more flexibility in positional adjustments but may detract from the sleek lines of a traditional race bike. We will help you make the choices.