Our brand ambassadors play a crucial role in representing Enigma. They demonstrate the performance and durability of our bikes in real-world scenarios, highlighting our commitment to quality. As ambassadors, they provide valuable insights and feedback that help shape our design and innovation process. Their firsthand experiences and rigorous testing allow us to refine our products to meet high standards of quality and functionality. By actively using our products, they help ensure each item is optimized for peak performance, serving both professional athletes and everyday enthusiasts. Their feedback is essential in guiding the future of our brand, driving us to create products that meet and exceed customer expectations. We are proud to have such a dedicated group of athletes supporting us, and we appreciate their ongoing contributions to our mission

Toby Willis

Media Director & Race Organiser of the Pan Celtic Race Series

AKA Tinny, T-Lad, Oak Willow, but more famously as his alter-ego RPT. Route Planner Toby is not to be trifled with, and any of his routes should be approached with caution. His big love for mountains and steep inclines has become his tell-tale trademark. He’s a AAA Audax Super Randonneur, Grimpeur and five time ‘Everester’ (at the last count). You’ll find him posting photos from a 5 o’clock most of us didn’t know existed and he’s often found in the mountains of Eryri, North Wales.

A keen lover of all things cycling, Toby rides his custom built Escape and Echelon frames on any surface suitable for two wheels. Check out his Instagram gallery to see our bikes doing exactly the kind of thing they were designed for.

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Léa Lamonthe

Hi, I'm Léa, a 27-year-old eco-design engineer and pro-photographer from the beautiful South-West of France.

Currently working in the field of engineering, my passion lies in telling stories through the lens of my camera, capturing the essence of every adventure. I create content through various mediums, including stills, motion, and articles. I share tips, curated routes illustrated with pictures and videos, aiming to introduce cycling to people, especially women.

I cherish cycling for the freedom and joy it brings. When bikepacking, each ride becomes a journey through a spectrum of emotions, truly making it feel like living multiple lives in the span of just a few days.

I've been fortunate to receive the amazing Etape MkIII. This bike has proven to be truly astonishing; it can handle anything you throw at it. It is super responsive in terms of frame rigidity, gear shifting, or braking. For me, the main advantage is its comfort. I've never ridden a bike that smooth; I swear that I can even ride without a chamois! Enigma's team also did superb work fitting the bike to my needs and my (really small) size. I switched from constant back pain and a too-long top tube to something truly made for me, a real game-changer. And let's be honest, the aesthetics of this Etape are just perfect. Since bringing it to France, I've received numerous inquiries about it; it truly doesn't go unnoticed!

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Karl Holtby

“Hi, I’m Karl, a photographer based in Yorkshire. I've been a professional photographer since 2016. During this time, I’ve worked with many brands, been published in the leading photographic press, and exhibited globally.

I've been a cyclist for as long as I can remember. Cycling is always a joy, and it's amazing for our mental health. Being an adventurous spirit, my photographic work takes me to some remote places. I spend a lot of time in the Highlands of Scotland, hiking and biking, always on the lookout for unique compositions. I’ve been fortunate enough to receive the Enigma Edge gravel bike. I’ve been riding the Edge for almost a year now on my local trails of the North York Moors and deep into the wild Cairngorms National Park. From the moment I swung a leg over the Edge it put a huge smile on my face. Its geometry and handling make it particularly quick on all kinds of off-road surfaces (and it’s no slouch on the road either). Even when venturing into MTB territory, the Edge can hold its own. Of course, you won’t be going as quick as a MTB with suspension on the downhills, but it’s one of the most fun bikes I’ve ever ridden! Additionally, the qualities of titanium make for a forgiving and comfortable ride. Ti just has that ‘Zing’ which is difficult to put into words.

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