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Belts & Braces Gravel Bike

"Belt drive has been around now for a decade or more and works well for single speed or hub gear use. We had previously built several Rohloff equipped bikes, and even a fixie, so knew our way around the componentry. Pinion can be used with a conventional chain drive, but a belt means no oil or rust, less wear and maintenance, so would seem the perfect combination to use with a gearbox"

Escape MKII Press Release

 "The updated model refines a successful formula for an even more versatile ride, suitable for a huge range of tyres, groupsets and to fit any size of rider. We’re proud to offer the Escape MKII as part of our 2020 range.”

This Cervelo P5 was an interesting project!

A carbon repair service seemed a logical addition to our Paintworks services and our newly-hired highly skilled technician has enabled us to offer carbon repairs to both trade and consumer.

Pan Celtic Folly | Part 10: The Final Word

Chris Davis 24th July 2019

Day 3. Having woken in a wet bus shelter in the highlands of Scotland in lashing wind and rain, I extract myself from my bivvy and will myself to remount my Enigma Endeavour despite feeling intensely cold, exhausted and sore

Pan Celtic Folly | Part 9: Over the cliff edge.......

I doff my cap to Matt, Pete, Rebecca and Toby. I have the upmost respect for how they have managed to turn their vision for such an epic undertaking into reality.

Chris Davis 05th July 19

Pan Celtic Folly | Part 8: A Star is Born

Dave recently completed a beautiful Pan Celtic celebration paint job on our Endeavour and handed it over to Greg and Joe to complete the build. Fair play to them; with the event rapidly approaching they leapt into action and had the Endeavour ready to go for me to do a shake down test mid-week.

Chris Davis, 28th June 19

Dealer Focus | Integrated Riding, Singapore

Integrated Riding (IR) has been around for almost 8 years. Beside having a retail store in Singapore showcasing the brand we represent, we have a distribution network for bikes and accessories around South East Asia countries, namely Malaysia, Indonesia, Brunei, Philippines and Thailand.

Thiam Sing

Pan Celtic Folly | Part 7: Spread the love for some seriously good karma

Three weeks to go and excitement is building for the amazing adventure that awaits us with the Pan Celtic. I feel incredibly fortunate to have found a love of bicycles and the opportunities that being a fit and healthy cyclist brings.

Chris Davis, 19th June

Pan Celtic Folly | Part 6: A month to go ...

I had the pleasure to meet Pete (co-founder of the Pan Celtic Race) at the recent Bristol handmade bike show.

Chris Davis, 7th June

Pan Celtic Folly | Part 4: "Any old socks will not always do." Anthony T.Hincks

Just the other day, Jim was recounting taking part in national time trials in his woollies, and this got me thinking more deeply about what riding kit I’ll be using

Pan Celtic Folly | Part 3: Training: Rida ze bicycle, Rida ze bicycle, Rida ze bicycle

Having now made the commitment, the next imperative is to train, train and train some more. Choosing kit, studying routes and the like can wait. There is no short cut to endurance preparation – you just have to put in the hours, so don’t delay getting started!

Chris Davis, 19th May 2019

Pan Celtic Folly | Part 5: Not all bikes were created equal - which one to use, and what components?

What bike to ride? A delicious question for any cyclist, as we get to ponder all the beautiful machines that we could use.

Chris Davis, 31st May 2019

Pan Celtic Folly | Part 2: "I'm not anti-social - I'm just not social" Woody Allen

Having completed an Ironman triathlon a few years ago, I know how important, actually vital, family support is. My advice: get them on board before committing.

Chris Davis, 10th May 2019

Pan Celtic Folly | Part 1: Novice in at the deep end

Jim, my boss and founder of Enigma bikes, only half-jokingly suggested I enter the event, as Enigma was getting behind the inaugural race to be held in July 2019. Instinctively, I took the bait

Chris Davis, 3rd May 2019

Enigma + Campagnolo Photo Collaboration

Here at Enigma HQ we love working with high-end components that complement our frames. Therefore we were very excited to be asked by Campagnolo to build a ‘Signature’ titanium frame.

Jim Walker, October 2018