Peak Passion: Léa's Cycling Odyssey in the French Pyrenees"


Based in the beautiful South West of France, Léa was chosen as one of our brand ambassadors because of her location and her role as a sustainability engineer. Lea wants to inspire people with great content and to reconnect with nature through sport. She loves bikepacking and simply riding a bike, plus her photographic skills enable her to provide stunning images. Watch out for her in the 2024 Pan Celtic Race.

Hi, I'm Léa, a 27-year-old eco-design engineer and pro-photographer from the beautiful South-West of France.

Currently working in the field of engineering, my passion lies in telling stories through the lens of my camera, capturing the essence of every adventure. I create content through various mediums, including stills, motion, and articles. I share tips, curated routes illustrated with pictures and videos, aiming to introduce cycling to people, especially women.

I cherish cycling for the freedom and joy it brings. When bikepacking, each ride becomes a journey through a spectrum of emotions, truly making it feel like living multiple lives in the span of just a few days.

"This bike has proven to be truly astonishing."

My preferred discipline is endurance riding and bikepacking adventures; short efforts aren't my strong suit! The French Pyrenees, with their famous passes, and the Massif Central, offering cycling amidst dormant volcanoes, hold a very special place in my heart as my most beloved riding locations. Among all the routes, the ascent of these three passes - Spandelles, Soulor, and Aubisque - stands out as my favorite. Not only are the landscapes literally breathtaking (the struggle is real when climbing in 12% steep sections), but the waffles, cheese, and homemade bread served at the summit bar are exquisite!

I've been fortunate to receive the amazing Etape MkIII. I tested it under various conditions: short, fast rides as well as long endurance journeys, on perfect tarmac as well as on dirt roads, on endless flat sections as well as on the steepest French climbs. This bike has proven to be truly astonishing; it can handle anything you throw at it. It is super responsive in terms of frame rigidity, gear shifting, or braking. The 1:1 gear ratio allows for most climbs out there, even with some luggage. For me, the main advantage is its comfort. I've never ridden a bike that smooth; I swear that I can even ride without a chamois! Enigma's team also did superb work fitting the bike to my needs and my (really small) size. I switched from constant back pain and a too-long top tube to something truly made for me, a real game-changer. And let's be honest, the aesthetics of this Etape are just perfect. Since bringing it to France, I've received numerous inquiries about it; it truly doesn't go unnoticed!

Léa is embarking on her most formidable journey yet by participating in this year's Pan Celtic Race. For those unfamiliar, the Pan Celtic is a gruelling 1400-mile self-supported ultra-endurance adventure that spans the Celtic nations. If you'd like to learn more about this challenging event, click here.

You can stay in the loop with Léa's training updates, nutritional insights, delicious recipes, bike maintenance tips and gear preparations by following her on Instagram