Shimano Enve 30.9mm Seatpost


Enve 30.9mm Seatpost

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This 400mm ENVE Carbon Seatpost with 25mm offset is a weight-saving performance upgrade for your bike with a patented twin-bolt clamp design for easy, accurate saddle adjustment.

Expertly constructed from uninterrupted uni-directional carbon fibre, ENVE has created a high strength, low weight seatpost with ride-enhancing vibration absorption. The post is also compatible with electronic drivetrain batteries.

The patented twin-bolt clamp design secures your saddle thanks to its method of compressing a horizontally-opposed wedge system to clamp the rails. As you tighten the front or rear bolt while loosening the other, the wedge tilts the saddle up or down, making micro adjustments of the angle easy.

Another benefit to the clamp is its narrow rail supports, which allow maximum fore and aft saddle adjustment, helping to perfect your bike fit. Two upper cradles are also supplied to cater for standard and oversized rails

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  • Continuous uni-directional carbon construction
  • Patented twin-bolt clamp design
  • Compatible with standard and oversized rails
  • Reversible lower cradles for 0-18° or 9-27° of angle adjustment
  • Titanium bolts