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Frame material


Enigma paintworks produces a paint finish to match the quality of our builds. A smooth, vibrant lustrous finish, artfully engineered for alluring beauty. It’s one which ensures your ride truly stands apart.

First impressions matter. At Enigma, we’re devoted to the task of ensuring it’s a powerful one. Delivering an aesthetically-pleasing paint finish that does justice to the precision engineering beneath is our goal. We apply those finishing touches with the attention to detail our customers have come to love.

We take pride in our craft

We come from a proud heritage and take pride in our craft. Consistent results that surpass expectations are what set us apart. For years we outsourced all of our paintwork but struggled with inconsistent results outside our direct control. The desire for consistency and that deep, lustrous, hard-wearing finish, led us to invest in our own ultra-modern paint facility.

Paintworks Designs

Signature Design £599 (OR £200 UPGRADE FOR ENIGMA STEEL MODELS)
Stem: from £80.00
Seat post: from £80.00
Handlebars: from £85.00
(Available for Signature frames only)

Contemporary Design £550 (OR £150 UPGRADE FOR ENIGMA STEEL MODELS)
Stem: from £80.00
Seat post: from £80.00
Handlebars: from £85.00

Stem: from £80.00
Seat post: from £80.00
Handlebars: from £85.00

Stem: from £80.00
Seat post: from £80.00
Handlebars: from £85.00

If you've got the vision, then we've got the provisions. With a precision honed through years of collective experience, we'll deliver your idea to fruition when it comes to custom paintworks. Starting out at £600, we can provide further pricing based on your individual needs.

Paintworks Team

In the hands of our talented craftsmen, we now paint and refurbish any frame, whether steel, aluminium, titanium or carbon. With complete control from start to finish, we deliver a supreme, consistent, custom finish - one not only unique to the pros!
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The paintworks process

Time consuming and exacting, our paintworks process consists of a series of steps performed with the masterful precision required to match our highest quality standards.

Prepare the Frame

We know that beneath every lustrous paint finish there’s a smooth foundation. For resprays and steel frames we prepare the frame by removing old paint and smoothing out those material imperfections. Upon that polished surface we then etch - in the case of steel - before applying the primer.

Coloured Base layers

Once the primer is applied and dry, we polish the frame further to ensure a smooth finish. Base layers of colour are then applied. In a complex process of masking and demasking we carefully work in the design details with painstaking precision.

Layers of Gloss

For protective brilliance that’ll shine through for years to come, we then apply two layers of gloss.

The finishing touches

The finishing touches are dependent on the effect we’re striving for - whether matte or gloss. For the latter, we achieve that lustrous hard-wearing finish by polishing the frame further, allowing that shine to penetrate. While for matte finished frames, we rely purely on the well-honed skills of our painters for a consistent finish straight from the gun.

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