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We always recommend visiting ourselves or a dealer where possible, but if you would like help with working out what size bike may be suitable, please fill in the form below. One of our team will review the measurements and send you a drawing of our suggested fit. Please note this is just a guide and depends on the accuracy of your figures, the most important to know are your overall height, inseam measurement, and current saddle height. During busy periods it may take up to three days for a response, please feel free to call if you need a faster response.

1. Enter Your Details

2. Enter Your Measurements

Overall height, measured standing upright in socks or bare feet with feet approximately 200mm apart.

Measure from crotch to floor (Not ankle), legs straight, and standing upright, in socks or bare feet:

Measured standing upright with your feet approximately 200mm apart. Locate the 'sternal notch' (the V-shaped notch between the collarbones) Measure a vertical line from the base of the sternal notch to the floor and deduct your Inseam measurement.

Measure the distance between your acromion in your shoulder joints.

3. Your Current Bike

Current saddle height, from centre of BB, straight up the seat tube and seatpost to the top of the saddle.

4. Enigma Model you're interested in