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Frame material


Engineered to go the distance our Endurance line-up have been designed for increased comfort on those long days in the saddle.


A new benchmark for the ultimate titanium ride

Responsive, predictable and wonderfully compliant, the Excel 6al 4v is precision engineered for that ultimate titanium ride experience. It’s the seamless fusion of frame-building expertise coupled with the vision for a beautiful modern finish.

Bike Shown £8700 / Frameset From £3122.99
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Precision alignment perfectly balanced for maximum responsiveness

Designed for fast endurance and sportive riding, the Echelon is one forgiving ride. That increased comfort is incorporated into a design aligned in every way to our deeper values. Balanced through precision engineering in a responsive frame, it ensures optimal power transfer to the road.

Bike Shown £5700 / Frameset From £2522.99
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Fast, Smooth, Responsive, Road Focused Titanium Bike

The Evoke is an out and out road focused frame designed for moderate to fast paced road riding for riders with good flexibility. It’s a wonderful blend of performance, precise handling and smoothness with sleek lines and modern aesthetics that make this an exhilarating and highly rewarding ride.

Bike From £3999 / Frameset From £2185
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Fast, Smooth and Versatile. A Classic Titanium Rim Brake Road Bike

The Evade is a classic rim brake model suitable for most styles of road riding. Discreet mudguard eyelets allow for year-round versatility while the 44mm Headtube and Downtube give an enhanced level of performance.

Bike From £3149.00 / Frameset From £2065.99
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Highly Versatile & Adaptable 4 Season Ultra Endurance Road Bike

The Etape suits almost all road riding styles and is intended for riders that are focussed on endurance, long distance comfort and all-season versatility. It can cover a huge range of conditions such as club runs, audax, endurance racing, touring, light gravel, winter training, commuting, and more.

Bike From £3999 / Frameset From £2155
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Elite HSS

The 21st century steel bike 

The Elite HSS is a cutting-edge steel frame that will surprise and delight. With modern geometry and a frame made from that resurgent material of old, it provides a 21st century solution that competes with the more exotic frame materials on offer.

Bike Shown £6200 / Frameset From £1943.99
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Classical elegance in a contemporary design

Crisp lines within classic Italian styling. As admired as it is sought after, the Esprit remains one of our most popular titanium models. A consistent performer on the Enigma line, there’s a timeless quality to the Esprit that sets it apart.

Bike Shown £4500 / Frameset From £2359
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