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This Cervelo P5 was an interesting project!

A carbon repair service seemed a logical addition to our Paintworks services and our newly-hired highly skilled technician has enabled us to offer carbon repairs to both trade and consumer. It’s opened up different and exciting possibilities for our workshop team.

This Cervelo P5 was an interesting project. The frame and parts arrived with us sporting a very large crack in the down tube and not long ago would have been quickly consigned to the nearest dustbin!

Thankfully nowadays carbon frames can be repaired and enjoy a new lease of life after a skilled repair. Just as well in this case as the P5 is a mightily expensive piece of kit!!

Our customer had a very specific brief for the frame and once repaired it was to be refinished in a MARTINI Racing inspired colour scheme. Those of you familiar with the P5 will know that it’s not just a frame but is in fact a total cockpit with lots of different bolt-on aero parts, meaning a flowing paint design would be quite challenging. We also had the added complication of an Aero helmet, which was to integrated into the overall design. Nonetheless and never daunted by a challenge our Paint Shop team set about the task with enthusiasm and gusto.

The repair to the down tube was completed with great care and expertise over a couple of days. It was a thorough repair and very neat to ensure it would be totally invisible under the dazzling new paint. Needless to say the repair also had to be very strong and our man was at pains to make his work stronger than the original.

Once all the fibre and resin stuff was complete the team could then get down to the aesthetic considerations - the fun part of the process. Although on paper the provisional design appeared complicated, it looked as though it would still be relatively straightforward if time and care were given to the preparation and execution. In reality all the different parts made for a very difficult masking process and the sweeping design needed to be constantly tweaked and refined to make the whole thing come together as a flowing work of art.

We think the end result is quite stunning and a testimony to the hard work and skill of our award-winning Paint Works team