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Pan Celtic Folly | Part 2: "I'm not anti-social - I'm just not social" Woody Allen

Chris Davis, 10th May 2019

“You’re pathetic!” My 14 and 17 year old daughters are doling out abuse once again as I try to surreptitiously disappear to bed at 8.40pm. I take it on the chin; any attempt to justify myself will only be met with mocking of increased intensity. Begrudgingly, I imagine their faces when I wake them up at 4.40am the next morning. “Hah, pathetic,” I would reply as they objected in this imaginary scenario. But I must remain the adult (for once) and rise above this!

Having completed an Ironman triathlon a few years ago, I know how important, actually vital, family support is. My advice: get them on board before committing. This creates harmonious foundations for an undertaking where a serious volume of training is required. Having my family’s encouragement means everything to me, and is something I truly value as I put in the hours. I can’t imagine undertaking something of this magnitude without their support and backing.

It’s also a really big help to have the understanding and support of work colleagues. Remember, there are only 24 hours in the day, and inevitably something must give. Personally, to get in the necessary hours in the saddle, I’m riding the 5 hour return trip to work as often as I possibly can. In all probability, at times I possibly end up a little quiet and being a little withdrawn and looking somewhat haggard. So, remember your workmates’ goodwill too! In this regard, I’m lucky working at at a bicycle manufacturer. Being amongst a bunch of enthusiasts, I’ve no shortage of advice and support, from training to building a special bike for the event (more on this later).

So, to my family and to the Enigma team – thanks.

Coming over Shoreham Bridge at 5.15am this morning on my commute to Enigma – what a way to start the day. Well worth previous nights abuse from my daughters for my early night!