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Pan Celtic Folly | Part 9: Over the cliff edge.......

Chris Davis 05th July 19

I doff my cap to Matt, Pete, Rebecca and Toby. I have the upmost respect for how they have managed to turn their vision for such an epic undertaking into reality. It must have seemed so much more doable during the late hours in the pub as the idea took shape! To have the drive, discipline and ability to get us all to the threshold of starting the inaugural Pan Celtic race in their own time whilst doing full time jobs is nothing short of spectacular.

In my short time in the industry since making a career change, it’s clear most people are in the cycling trade for the love of biking. It’s certainly not for the love of money. The old joke of how do you make a million in the cycling trade – start with ten million – certainly has a grain of truth. So it is that Enigma is one of a number of independent British brands backing the Pan Celtic: it encapsulates everything we are in the trade for - a mad, bad cycling adventure.

Having taken the plunge to get behind the event all those months ago in the depths of winter, our co-founder Jim’s only regret is not being able to take part himself. So, I feel very privileged to take up the baton on behalf of the Enigma team. They’ve been brilliant, and built a bike suitable for the occasion, and one we are all very proud of. The aptly named Endeavour is a brilliantly utilitarian bike which just also happens to be a bit of a stunner. Two sets of wheels, and this bike will literally do anything and everything.

Preparation has been remarkably simple and straightforward: sleep, cycle, work, cycle, repeat. The only reason my long-suffering family have not filed a missing person report is the alarming rate at which the fridge is emptied. Despite this, they now joke that if I turn sideways, I disappear once again. Forget the G-Plan or other such dieting fads – just do the Pan Celtic!

So, along with the other 98 competitors, I’ll now be making my way to Inverness for the race briefing tomorrow (Saturday), a good luck evening beer, and then in at the deep end starting Sunday morning. If anyone is interested in following the race, this is the link that allows you to track the participants: . And for a quick peek at the beauty of the terrain we’ll be covering, I urge you to watch the short video on the home page of the Pan Celtic website (https://www.pancelticrace.com/ ) . Stunning.

Finally, Max asked me in the workshop yesterday what I was most worried about. I’m glad he asked the question, as it made me reflect that I’m not in the slightest bit worried. Rather, I’m just super excited about riding some of the greatest cycling terrain without distraction to the best of my ability. Sure, I’m expecting discomfort, but that will only add to the sense of satisfaction! Bon voyage.