Ready to Ride Built to Order


Frame material


Soren (Enigma Escape Owner)

During August 2018 I got a new job within a reasonable cycling range from my house. So, I began to search for a commuting and durable bike as an alternative to my normal road bike. During my search the attention was drawn to cross bikes in the beginning as “normal” carbon frames, but more frequently the TI-frames to gravel bikes popped up from various manufactures.

I chose the best. Since then I am the very proud owner an Enigma Escape, it's safe and fast and carries me from my home though small country roads in rainy days, sunny days, in windy days and snowy days to my job and back. I can go by the country roads or take a longer “shortcut” on the forest roads. The bike takes me wherever. 

I cannot imagine any better bike for that purpose. The good looks are an extra plus that confirms that qualities that means as much