Ready to Ride Built to Order


Frame material


Sabine (Enigma Evade Owner)

Test-riding a bike before I buy is essential for me, and at Enigma HQ they have their range of bikes and in various sizes, which is superb. I was given all the time I wanted to test ride the bike in the surrounding countryside. On my return they (Greg, in my case) did a very thorough job taking my measurements and setting me up on the jig. I left absolutely confident I was ordering the correct sized frame and with a fully comprehensive bike fit. Being into the detail as I am, I very much appreciated their patience and they couldn’t have done more to support me through the purchase of my new and beloved bike.

Enigma being based in the UK and directly accessible to their customers is nice in knowing we’re buying locally, but also reassuring that if anything were to happen to the bike/frame they’re right here to help. Personally, I also really like that Jim is very much involved, even picking up the phones and taking time to chat.

I’m absolutely delighted with my new baby (aka bike) and it’s all the sweeter for having had such a pleasurable experience in getting it. I fully recommend Enigma and their set-up to anyone interested in buying their bikes.