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Michael (Enigma Excel Owner)

I recently bought an Enigma Excel for my 40th birthday from the guys at Enigma.

Initially I wanted a bike that would replace a long standing but very effective winter warrior. However having visited the Enigma showroom down in Hailsham, I quickly got excited about all of the beautiful options, and plumped for much more than a winter replacement. Dealing with the Enigma team was great! I was looking to move to not only a new frame and geometry, but to using disc brakes and a brand new group set as well. The team spent some real quality time with me understanding how i liked to ride, what sort of riding i would be doing, how flexible I was and how I wanted to feel on the bike. I ended up with a buiId that I was confident would deliver everything I required and with bags of excitement to boot.

The team were excellent in getting my bike built and in providing guidance all the way regarding group sets to buy wheels, and importantly all the little bits like bottom brackets and axle setups. They took all the guess work out of the equation for me. At the 11th hour we were challenged by the impending Corona virus restrictions, but the team did everything they could to ensure the bike was ready and delivered to me in time. Thank goodness!! My new toy has certainly taken the heat out of social distancing. All the little elements like finishing touches added to the excitement, with headsets and badges carefully coordinated to make the perfect finish for me.

The bike itself is great. I have been riding it now for 3 weeks and it hasn't missed a beat. It really will become my go anywhere and do anything option. I have ridden some longer distance rides and it's very comfortable, mainly owing to the setup on the jig in the Enigma workshop. That has ensured the frame is snug beneath me, positioning me exactly the way I need for the type of riding I do. I wanted a bike that could stand the test of English winters but also provide excitement on summer days. So far it feels like it will deliver on all fronts.

The climbing is spot on, and the bike feels really assured under me and reacts just as you would want. No discernible flex even when I have sought out the steepest of ramps in the North Downs. Pulling hard on the bike when out of the saddle is no issue and it stays true getting all my power down. Its the same with descending, I have great confidence that the bike goes exactly where I want it too.

In short this bike will be equally at home on week long holidays in the Alps as it would be doing Paris Roubaix - i will certainly be taking it to do both!

Huge thanks to the Enigma team for making the purchase a great experience - I am expecting years of fun and enjoyment from my new favourite toy.

Thanks Mike