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Soren (Enigma Escape Owner)

During August 2018 I got a new job within a reasonable cycling range from my house. So, I began to search for a commuting and durable bike as an alternative to my normal road bike. During my search the attention was drawn to cross bikes in the beginning as “normal” carbon frames, but more frequently the TI-frames to gravel bikes popped up from various manufactures.

I chose the best. Since then I am the very proud owner an Enigma Escape, it's safe and fast and carries me from my home though small country roads in rainy days, sunny days, in windy days and snowy days to my job and back. I can go by the country roads or take a longer “shortcut” on the forest roads. The bike takes me wherever. 

I cannot imagine any better bike for that purpose. The good looks are an extra plus that confirms that qualities that means as much



Chris (Multiple Enigma Owner)

Top bikes from a top team


The Evade is my third Enigma (started with an Esprit and still also have an Etape) and is a delightful machine, really well suited to munching the miles comfortably. As well as absorbing much of the buzz from our poor roads, it’s also a very positively handling bike, instilling confidence and increasing the fun factor on fast and winding descents.

Since my first Enigma, 6 club members have also bought one. It’s not just the looks or the performance of Enigmas that make them desirable, but it’s the full customer service package you get when you deal with the guys – whether you order online or pay a visit to Hailsham, you just know you’re going to be treated well – and that follows into after-sales care too.

Top bikes from a top team!

Rob (Enigma Etape Owner)

It’s my best purchase ever

My Enigma Etape is over 6 years old and still feels like a new bike. I use it every week, sometimes every day. It mainly gets compliments when people know what it is and ask about it without me mentioning anything. However I know it just looks like a nice bike to most folk, yet understated due to no paint on the frame. It’s my best purchase ever. It’s going on a three week bike camping tour with me very shortly


Eric (Enigma Excel Owner)

Enigma bikes are made with the highest level of craftsmanship and materials available, in a colour scheme of your choice. The only limitation is your own imagination.......

Mark (Enigma Elite Owner)

The Enigma Elite is as light as carbon, as stiff as carbon and as comfortable as titanium!

I bought my Enigma Elite Steel frame set for comfort on long rides but built up with Ultegra R8000 groupset, Hunt wheels and full Enigma finishing kit I quickly realised that this bike is so much more than a comfortable long distance ride.

The Enigma Elite is as light as carbon, as stiff as carbon and as comfortable as titanium! It easily gobbles up mile after audax mile.

Point it uphill and it will climb as well as any super lightweight steed.

Race for the cafe sign and it will mix it with any aero bike.

Stamp on the pedals and it will put a big grin on your face.

This is the absolute do it all and do it all exceptionally well bike and I love it !!!!!

Marie (Enigma Escape Owner)



Here's some photos showing how ive taken the bike on exactly the types of surface I wanted it for - the pristine tarmac of Mallorca and the gravel tracks of mountainous midwales. Bike performed equally well on both.

Thanks very much

Zahir (Enigma Escape Owner)

My Escape has proved to be a versatile “swiss army knife"


My Escape has proved to be a versatile “swiss army knife” in that it’s just as good at long fast-paced road rides with nimble 700c x 30c tyres as it is on burly off-road jaunts with a pair of beefy 650b x 47cs.

The frame is stiff (whilst not unrelentingly so) and light enough to keep pace with “pure” road bikes. Titanium also sheds dirt easily and paint chips are now a thing of the past!

Richard from the Enigma team accurately assisted me on sizing queries and responded to all emails promptly and professionally.

Having previously owned a handmade steel bicycle from another UK frame-builder, I’ve found Enigma to be head and shoulders above in terms of communication and general client service.

James (Enigma Excel Owner)

My custom Excel has been a joy to own and ride since day one

My custom Excel has been a joy to own and ride since day one. I've ridden it in crits, on club runs, up cols, round lanes ... and loved every minute of it.

The craftsmanship, design and finish are all superb; the feel of the bike is exquisite and it looks stunning. I wouldn't swap it for a carbon bike and I'm intending to ride it for at least another thirty years!

Wayne (Enigma Eunique Owner)

Still Love riding it over my other road bikes

My brief to Enigma was simple, I wanted a bike I could ride all day without feeling broken, but with classic lines and the latest Di2 and Disc brakes.

I went down to Enigma for a bike fitting, after which we went through the design on the CAD system and looked at the various paint finish and designs on display, within a couple of hours I walked out with the completed design.

Six weeks later I picked up the finished bike, it was everything I wanted and more, comfortable, quick and nimble and it draws a lot of admiring glances. I’ve done several week longs trips to the Alps, Pyrenees and Northern Spain, overseas Sportives including the Paris-Roubaix, and thousands of miles in the UK with no problems at all. Still Love riding it over my other road bikes.

Pictured on Covadonga HC climb, Spain.

Samuli (Enigma Evade Owner)

I always knew that the comfort would be great, but it is really something else.

I’ve done 1000+km on it now and it really is a lovely ride. Always knew that the comfort would be great, but it is really something else. But it doesn’t feel sloppy at all, it’s super stiff and really goes when you give it some gas, which probably isn’t that much with me though

The colour is lovely, especially when we get the rare sunny day here in Hamburg then it really pops! The pictures really don’t do it justice.

So big thanks to all of you again and I wish you guys a great summer.

Jerry (Enigma Evade Owner)

If you want my comments for the Evade, love it, love it, love it!!!

Hi Greg,

Thought you might be interested in the attached picture. Not only did the Evade pass 2,000 miles today but also achieved the summit on Mont Ventoux.

I thought the Etape was brilliant but if you want my comments for the Evade, love it, love it, love it!!!

Please give my best to Jim, All the best

Mark (Enigma Evoke Owner)

The Evoke is a sleek, beautiful machine

I’ve had my Enigma Evoke for a year now and ridden it on Audaxes, sportives, a C2C tour, and weekly club runs, on some pretty poor roads.The Evoke is a sleek, beautiful machine. It’s fast and agile yet very comfortable, so less fatiguing on longer rides.The balance and ride quality of the frame is second to none, inspiring confidence on corners and steep descents.

Paul Soltys (Enigma Etape Owner)

The bike performs faultlessly wherever it is taken & is extremely comfortable

I've had my Etape a couple of months now & covered well over a thousand miles, mainly on tarmac, but have had the occasional jaunt on gravel tracks & cobbled climbs. The bike performs faultlessly wherever it is taken & is extremely comfortable even when spending over 10 hours in the saddle. Already saving for my next Enigma.

Paul (Enigma Evoke Owner)

I’m continually amazed that something so comfy can be so stupidly quick and responsive.

“I tested a couple of bikes at Enigma and this was the one. Floaty comfortable yet sharp as a tack. I’m continually amazed that something so comfy can be so stupidly quick and responsive.”

Clive (Multiple Enigma Bike Owner)

The Excel performed to perfection and was lusted over by most of the riders

Quick update on HotChillee Cape Rouleur event in SA. Great event riding over 450 miles in 5 days. Arrived in Cape Town yesterday ready for Cape Town Cycle Tour tomorrow. The Excel performed to perfection and was lusted over by most of the riders including all the ride captains.

Thanks Enigma for producing a great bike. She made my tour!

Richard (Enigma Escape Owner)

With the gravel wheels its awesome

Just went out Saturday, feels great! With the gravel wheels its awesome, still goes well on the road and you can hack off on the trails, perfect… Even better with MTB shoes.

Looking forward to Strava downhill road PBs on it!

Darrell (Enigma Escape owner)

Bike is going magnificently and looks great!.

Bike is going magnificently, great sizing, gears, wheels and brakes all good and looks great!. Descending is a dream, even on the climbs I’m putting in some good strava times, much better than the old touring bike and just a shade slower than the carbon race bike


Nicholas (Enigma Evoke Owner)

This bike is firkin amazing.  50 miles up and I feel like a kid again

This bike is firkin amazing.  50 miles up and I feel like a kid again... no black clouds hanging round my soul and I now have ear worm from the goldfinches and wrens singing amongst the hedgerows of the Pilgrims Way. Thank you all so much.  The attention to detail and customer service which Enigma deploy is refreshing and exemplary and I wish you all every success with your future.

Kindest Regards

Greg Ellis (Enigma Evoke Owner)

It has ticked every box in all conditions

I took delivery of my semi-custom Evoke in May of last year. I've had the most amazing summer of riding on it. It has ticked every box in all conditions.

Very comfortable on long days in the saddle, but also never found wanting with its responsive frame on shorter sharper rides and big climbs. Far and away the best frame I've ridden. Happy man! Thanks again.

Mark Ripley (Enigma Endeavour owner)

It has proved to be very comfortable, and a very capable climber

Just back from a couple of hundred miles around Ardnamurchan and Mull and the bike is fantastic. Over the last 30 years I've been striving for a road/mountain/fixed/touring bike that I absolutely love and your frame has provided the last piece in that jigsaw for touring. It has proved to be very comfortable, a very capable climber and not a hint of shimmy (even loaded up) at break neck speed downhill. Not the best photos but attached are a camping shot and the bike loaded up at a ferry port. Thank you again, it's a brilliant frame.

Sabine (Enigma Evade Owner)

Delighted with the full experience with Engima!

Test-riding a bike before I buy is essential for me, and at Enigma HQ they have their range of bikes and in various sizes, which is superb. I was given all the time I wanted to test ride the bike in the surrounding countryside. On my return they (Greg, in my case) did a very thorough job taking my measurements and setting me up on the jig. I left absolutely confident I was ordering the correct sized frame and with a fully comprehensive bike fit. Being into the detail as I am, I very much appreciated their patience and they couldn’t have done more to support me through the purchase of my new and beloved bike.

Enigma being based in the UK and directly accessible to their customers is nice in knowing we’re buying locally, but also reassuring that if anything were to happen to the bike/frame they’re right here to help. Personally, I also really like that Jim is very much involved, even picking up the phones and taking time to chat.

I’m absolutely delighted with my new baby (aka bike) and it’s all the sweeter for having had such a pleasurable experience in getting it. I fully recommend Enigma and their set-up to anyone interested in buying their bikes.

Robert Walker (Enigma Etape Owner)

Absolutely awesome, brilliant, I cannot praise it enough

“Hi Jim and Matt, just been out on the Etape, a quick 20mls to try it out…..absolutely awesome, brilliant, I cannot praise it enough, smooth, very quick on the off and the brakes are the best I’ve ever had, as you can tell I’m well impressed.  We’ve a 76 mile ride on Thursday so that give it a good trial, cannot wait to show the others….they’ll hear all about it!

A big thankyou to you all for showing me around yesterday, I found it really interesting, all the processes a build goes through, all the attention to detail and above all how passionate you are about what you do.  I’ll certainly recommend Enigma to everyone I can.”

We would love to hear what you think of your new bike so please send your review as well as a photo to info@enigmabikes.com and we can add you to the site. Please supply your photos as high a resolution as possible with minimum width of 1000px.


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