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Signature Frames


Frames made under the Enigma Signature program are special and every frame is handmade in our Hailsham UK workshop with fastidious attention to detail by Joe Walker and his team of talented craftsman. Every aspect of Signature frame production is performed on the premises giving us total control over the entire production process from start to finish.


Titanium is unlike other metals. Working with titanium is difficult and understanding its particular characteristics and how it behaves during fabrication and welding is the key to a top quality frame. Unlike many of our competitors we work with titanium on a day to day basis and we have learned the secrets of this most imperial of metals.

Using the finest materials, both grade 9 3AL 2.5V and the harder, stronger grade 5 6AL 4V titanium alloy, tubes for our Signature Titanium frames are cut and mitered with total precision and accuracy. Accurate mitering enables the finest welds to be performed and our SIGNATURE Titanium frames feature not one but two weld passes. The first weld pass is made without filler wire and fuses the facing surfaces together directly ensuring a very pure weld composed entirely of the base metal. The second pass made with the addition of 6AL 4V filler wire further strengthens the joint and allows the decorative fishscale finish so pleasing to the eye. In skilled hands a titanium weld is a thing of beauty and says much about skill of the builder and the frame of which it forms a part.

Beautiful welds on their own are only part of the story. A good frame must be straight and in perfect alignment. All metal frames move during welding/brazing and it is vitally important that movement is minimized during the process. Enigma Signature frames are welded in particular sequence to ensure the frame is kept as straight as possible at all times, thus requiring little or no manipulation once welding is complete. Throughout the production process all frames are checked for alignment at every stage ensuring a straight and perfectly aligned frame.

When the production process is complete the frame will be finished by hand to an exceptional level with a vast range of finish options available to make your frame truly individual for you.


Steel – once the only material available for lightweight bicycle frames – now after a couple of decades in apparent decline once again back in vogue as a viable alternative to other more exotic frame building materials.

Our signature steel frames are handcrafted from the finest cutting edge steel tubes and combine extraordinary design and performance with the classic virtues of steel frames of old. Years ago steel frames were brazed together either with a traditional lug set or alternatively a lugless construction where the tubes would be joined with a fillet of brass that was filed to a smooth finish. Things have moved on these days and modern tig-welding has made for finer, stronger joints and lighter frames. All Enigma Signature steel frames are built with the same fastidious attention to detail as our Signature Titanium frames and feature the highest quality micro-tig welds that ensure the strongest possible joints, but are nonetheless beautiful and decorative in their own right.

We use exclusively Columbus steel tubes. Tireless research and development of new alloys has kept Columbus at the forefront of steel frame production for decades. Our Signature steel frames are handcrafted from Spirit and Life Niobium steel, Zona Nivacrom steel and XCR stainless steel tubing.

Photo's by Augustus Farmer