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Why Steel? Why Titanium?

Why Steel?

Steel is a genuine option for anyone waiting for a bike that is simply a joy to ride

Thirty years ago and for the best part of a century before it was almost steel or nothing for your bicycle frame. There was no other real choice nor was there any need for anything else as steel did everything asked of it with aplomb. Then came aluminium, closely followed of course by the now ubiquitous carbon fibre. Steel lost favour, not because it wasn’t a good material anymore or a viable alternative to the more exotic options available, it simply became unfashionable. Thankfully there were those who never lost faith in steel and steel tube producers worked hard to improve the alloys to give ever lighter, stronger and better tubing.

Today steel is real once more, it’s back in fashion and we say hallelujah to that! The finest steel frame tubes are now light years away from steel tubes of old and the differences are astounding, making steel a genuine option for anyone wanting a bike that is simply a joy to ride. A steel frame has a ride and character that can only be steel, a certain ‘zing’ that is so difficult to articulate but is there nonetheless. It is comfortable too, similar to titanium in that respect. Steel is durable, it is strong, it tends to bend on impact rather than ‘snap’, it is easy to repair in the event of a crash and it is very easy to customise. Today the best steel tubes are also light; not as light as tubes made of composite materials, but light enough to be worthy of consideration when every other benefit is added to the mix.

Just try a steel frame, we think you will love it.

Why Titanium?

Titanium will not rust and is very resistant to corrosion and fatigue

Titanium is a material that does not give up its secrets easily, it is difficult to work with and can be frustrating. However when you are able to master this unusual metal and understand the way it behaves and moves when worked, an appreciation of this most noble of materials develops. We work with titanium every day, we know and appreciate the qualities that make this metal special.

So Titanium is a unique and enigmatic material, but why choose it above other materials for your new bike? Let us give you some very sound reasons why.

Titanium will not rust and is very resistant to corrosion and fatigue. There is no need for paint to protect the metal, however it can be painted and paint combined with the raw titanium whether brushed or polished can give some stunning finishes. Titanium is incredibly strong, yet very light and it will not ‘snap’ in an accident. This amazing material also has natural, in-built shock absorption to soak up road vibration, which means that a titanium bike will deliver a super-smooth and comfortable ride quality like no other. Add to this a classical, understated beauty that can constantly be refreshed simply by hand brushing and you have a near perfect material for bicycle frame construction. Choose titanium, you will never regret it.