Repairing, refurbishing and refreshing your old classic or winter bike

We all have one, that classic British or Italian steel bike that we just can’t part with, whether it’s one you have targeted on Ebay, inherited, or ridden for years, it’s your “keeper”. For retro club rides, charity events, L’Eroica or for Winter training the bike belongs in the “stable” and you just can’t bring yourself to get rid of it…despite “n” number of bikes in the garage.

Now we certainly wouldn’t say sell it, as we are in the same situation and there’s always room for one more bike…right! Why not breathe life into your old pride and joy with some TLC. You may think that repairs are just for old steel bikes…but you will be surprised!

If your bike frame is looking a little tired or has suffered a few too many crashes, it doesn’t mean you’ve got to hang it up for good. Enigma provides a specialist frame repair service that gets your bike rolling again in truly unique style.

Not only can they repair damaged frames, they also provide a quality painting service so you can make your ride your own.

This Airborne frame (see pictures) was left in a sorry state following an accident that left the rear dropouts damaged seemingly beyond repair. But Enigma took the frame and fixed the dropouts so it can take to the road once again.


Enigma-Repairs-Resprays-image1 (1)



This Opera Palladio frame had a complete facelift thanks to the precision of the Enigma team.


The fork and carbon stays were chipped, so the coat was removed along with paint from the titanium parts of the frame.

Enigma re-brushed the frame by hand for a bright and consistent finish before drawing up the Opera logos to apply to the frame.

A de-masking and re-masking process then takes place so that the clear coat could be applied to the carbon stays. Two further coats of paint were applied before the final clear coat for a high quality finish.

Once the re-painting process was completed the frame was cleaned and buffed, ready to be re-built and hit the road again.

So why not take a look at your old ride and treat it to a great new look and a high quality repair.