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Mark Dodson

In 2014 Mark Dodson, a local artist who is a friend of one of the Enigma team, approached us and asked if he could paint one of our frames. Always up for something new we said ‘of course’ and Mark took a frame away carte blanche to do with it as he pleased. Two weeks later he returned with a stunning piece of artwork that was both original and amazing in its execution, all done by hand with paint and pen.

As we are passionate about bikes so Mark is equally as passionate about his art, art is his life and he is constantly looking for new canvases on which to express his ideas. A thoroughly nice guy, Mark has now custom painted several of our frames, each one totally unique, and now you can commission a Mark Dodson Enigma frame finished in your chosen theme to be something totally individual for you.


Where do you get your inspiration from?

It depends on the project. Inspiration can come from a doodle, a photograph, music… I start by playing around with charcoal and turps if it’s a painting… other times I’ll have a specific mood that I want to realise and that then dictates the process. If there is a brief it can help to anchor the idea but I try not to let that get in the way of the loose, improvisational aspect of making a piece of art in whatever form – especially in those early stages – the artwork can take its own course but I like that unpredictability of not knowing what the final piece will look like.

What was the thinking behind the Enigma frame design?

The inspiration came after seeing the frame… It was balanced, fluid and functional… Enigma gave me a simple brief: Black, White & Red… So the design is essentially the ‘Blood, Sweat and Tears’ of the whole cycling experience, from the building of the frame to the point the rider takes it out… I wanted a design that would signify both its physical construction and the journey it will embark on. A bike offers a certain childish freedom too and I wanted to mess around with that a little bit; being given the chance of doodling on such an expensive item appealed to me and I hope that intricate playfulness comes across.

What other objects would you like to use as a canvas for illustration?

Anything that stays still long enough to doodle on… The possibilities are endless. I won’t rule anything out at this stage.

How did you get into illustration?

I’ve always loved pens and Indian ink especially. I worked on posters and set designs for the Edinburgh festival when I was at college but then playing in bands took over. Art was always there though. Making marks on stuff is age old and I love being able to do that in any capacity. I’m currently building up a collection of oil paintings and will be exhibiting again in the new year. The Enigma project has been the most unique so far.