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The Enigma Experience

A visit to our showroom and workshop is a worthwhile

We have some first-class retailers all of whom are carefully chosen for their expertise. You can rely on their advice and knowledge to help you with your new bike purchase, but did you know that you can visit us here at Enigma HQ?

Enigma is unlike any other cycle company in the entire UK and a visit to our showroom and workshop will add so much to your bike buying experience. Our workshop team do all aspects of frame/bike building on the premises from initial consultation, frame design and the frame building process itself right through to the final frame finishing. Where else can you see every stage of bicycle frame production here in the UK?

Enigma Showroom and Workshop Tour

Bike Fitting

A good bike fitting can have a very positive effect for most riders, even those who have been cycling for many years can benefit from an assessment by an experienced bike fitting technician. We believe experience is the key word as there are many and varied technical bike fitting systems available today. Many systems provide a myriad of data, which can look very impressive to the layman but ultimately is only as good as the system operator. There is no substitute for experience and the Enigma fitting team led by Richard Lambert have many years of combined experience and know how in the field of bike fitting and custom frame design.

Unlike most retailers and fitting studios we build frames, which give us an advantage and a fully informed perspective in the field of custom frame design. We not only know what will work for the rider from a bike fitting angle but also what will and will not work from a frame design and build point of view. We have been amazed at some of the wacky frame designs we have occasionally been asked to build for customers who have had expensive fittings elsewhere. Some of these designs have been both ill-advised and also unworkable in practice.

We offer two fits; the first fit (frame fit) is to determine the right size of bike by measuring the rider’s physical dimensions. Measurements for height, in-seam, torso, arms, feet and shoulders are accurately assessed using our sizing rig.

A consultation with the rider will follow to reveal other important considerations such as riding style, goals, long term injuries etc and from all this information we can arrive at the optimum frame size whether ‘off-the-peg’ or custom.

The first fit gives us the starting point for the second fit (bike fit), which is based on the bike and the rider with the aim of achieving the perfect position for maximum efficiency, comfort and injury prevention.

A bike fitting is part of the Enigma experience and customers are welcome to visit us here at our Hailsham HQ for fitting advice.

Frame fit: £75.00 including VAT
Bike fit: £75.00 including VAT
Both are free-of-charge with a bike purchase.

Show Room

All our bike models plus our range of branded components and accessories are on display for you to see, touch and feel. All finish options can also be seen to help you choose the all-important look of your new bike.

Demo Fleet

Would you buy an Aston Martin without a test drive? Nor would we. Why therefore would you buy a top quality bike without testing it out first? We have a full fleet of demonstration bikes available for our customers to test ride so that you can experience the superb ride quality and exhilarating performance first hand. If you would like to take a demo bike out for a spin please call 01323 845849 to book.

Workshop Tour

After your demo ride and bikefitting we will be pleased to show you round our busy workshop where you will witness all the different stages and processes involved in bicycle frame construction and finishing. Parts selection, jig set-up, tube cutting and mitring, welding, brazing, finishing and painting all under one roof! You will meet the team who will build your bike and you can see for yourself what makes an Enigma so different from the rest. A visit to Enigma HQ is a ‘must do’ for anyone looking to buy a new titanium or steel bike.

We look forward to welcoming you to the world of Enigma.