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Designed and Built in the UK
The Extensor delivers a totally unique and vibrant ride experience that differs from anything else

Our Extensor model is beautifully handcrafted from Columbus XCR stainless steel, it delivers a totally unique and vibrant ride experience that differs from anything else. We choose XCR tubing above other stainless steel tubes because it is seamless and not welded. Even with tube wall thicknesses down to 0.4mm the XCR tube set still has a higher stiffness to weight ratio than aluminium or titanium. With less compliance than a regular steel frame the Extensor is stiff and very responsive to ensure that every ounce of your effort is transferred to your wheels. In addition the Extensor delivers a very smooth ride quality with a feeling of real connection to the road. Every Extensor is custom built to order here in our East Sussex, UK workshop.


Ordering Options

We specialise in building bespoke and custom bikes. We offer the spec below as a suggestion but would be happy to quote for any custom build that you have in mind.

There are no set specification builds offered for the Extensor but full custom builds are available


£2322.99 incl. C-Six RD-SL Fork & Enigma TK036a headset (Lead Time 90 days)

Frame only

£1999.99 (Lead Time 90 days)
You can order the above directly from us or through your local Enigma dealer. To find out who your nearest dealer is please click here


If the set-specification and finish isn’t quite what you are after then make the most of our custom options to personalise and make your Enigma a real one-off.
Call 01323 845849 to discuss custom options available for this bike.